About Billie

Billie Dee is a Vienna based jazz singer and musician. Having started as a blues singer she co-built the band „Suburbcrew“, moved on to a funk band (Venus Asleep) that only had an atomic existence. She did a lot of songwriting in both projects until she fell in love with jazz – a love that already goes beyond the average love affair.

She took lessons with Anna Lauvergnac, Heidi Krenn (both students of Sheila Jordan and Mark Murphy) and Bettina Krenosz (student of Ines Reiger and Estille voice trainer) to develop her skills as a vocalist. Her love for good rhythms led her to take bass and drum lessons.

She loves to play with musicians around the viennese jazz scene, among them Hannes „Louis“ Laszakovits, Nikola Stanošević, Ryan Langer, Max Schauenstein, Thomas Zech, Harry Putz, Hepi Kohlich, Florian Tuchacek, Michael Kneihs, Sebastian Schwarz,  … You can meet her at Vienna’s Drakon Bar where she hosts a regular session and hangs out from time to time.