I Feel the Earth Move by Carole King, played by Hannes Louis Laszakovits – bass, Nikola Stanosevic – piano und Manfred Schmid – guitar

What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life by Michel Legrand mit Michael Dörfler-Kneihs – piano und Hannes Louis Laszakovits – bass

Café Stadler am 08.08.2020 mit Nikola Stanošević – piano, Hannes Laszakovits – bass und Stefan Narosy – drums. All videos recorded by Joe Vigerl.

Corona Lockdown 2020

Mit Hovannes Djibian und Hannes „Louis“ Laszakovits

Drakon Opener with Hannes Laszakovits and Thomas Zech, May 2020

Bei mir bist du schoen – recorded by Rudolf Schar

The Nearness Of You, May 2020

First Composition – April 2020

While I Loved You Madly

Gemeinsam mit Hannes Laszakovits im März 2020

Do I Move You – Neruda 2017

Devil May Care – Neruda 2017

Honeysuckle Rose – November 2018

Why don’t you do it right – November 2018